All Joy. No Waste.

ReBLOOM is Canada's first floral recycler and composter, servicing all of Canada. Since 2014, ReBLOOM has been an innovator in repurposing event florals, partnering with everyone wanting to make a difference - corporate clients, global conferences, fundraisers, hotels and galas. ReBLOOM converts florals that would otherwise end up being thrown out and converts them into little bouquets of happiness donating them to a charity of your choice, in your name. 

An affordable way to have your beautiful event florals spread joy within your community while helping us fulfill our mission. Our mission to spread joy and reduce environmental waste by composting the florals after they have been enjoyed.


our process

Is Simple.


STEP one

Pick up your flowers.

Immediately after your event the ReBLOOM team picks up your flower arrangements that would otherwise end up in the garbage. The flowers are redesigned into smaller, beautiful bedside table arrangements.

step two

Donate your flowers to charity.

ReBLOOM will deliver your newly redesigned flowers to a charity of your choice: senior homes, patients in hospices, cancer treatment centers, mental health facilities, domestic abuse and homeless shelters. Within hours, your flowers are making a positive social impact within the community.


Step three

Compost the flowers.

 Once the flowers have been enjoyed ReBLOOM returns to the charity you've selected to recollect the flowers for composting. Flowers that would have ended up in a landfill to contribute to greenhouse gases are now composted. It's here that they complete the organic life cycle. 



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We’re across Canada.


The first seeds of ReBLOOM were planted in early 2014. Since then we've expanded and are spreading joy to over 1,500 charitable partners and non-profit organizations across Canada.   

ReBLOOM is proudly Canadian and the first in Canada. Our collection-to-compost services as well as our workshops are available in all cities across Canada.