Is Corporate Social Responsibility Worth the Investment?

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1. CSR Initiatives Keep Employees Engaged

People Matters reports some surprising statistics. “As per a study conducted by Towers Perrin Global Workforce (2007-2008), CSR is the 3rd most important driver for employee engagement and an organizations reputation for CSR is an important driver for retention and engagement.”

Starting an ongoing CSR initiative will help your employees bond outside of the office and build better communication and stronger relationships. Along with pride in working for an organization that gives back, this engagement can keep your employees around longer, retaining talent and saving money for the company.

2. CSR Initiative Will Improve Your Community

While CSR initiatives have clear benefits for business, they also are good for the community. In many cases, small or large businesses couldn’t survive without the support of the local community around them.

A CSR initiative is a way to say thank you and make a difference. Working with local organizations may feel like a drop in the bucket of all that needs to be done to make the world a better place, but this is where your help and hard work will have the biggest impact.

3. CSR Initiatives Will Improve Your Reputation

CSR initiatives are worth the investment because they’ll improve your company’s reputation. In a Forbes article titled PR with a Purpose, author Beth Monaghan states it simply: “What’s good for humanity is good for business.”

Consumers increasingly want to support companies that have defined values. Declaring a mission statement is no longer enough, companies also need to act on it. Giving back is no longer only for the photo op. Instead, form long-term partnerships and become a leader in effecting positive change.

With transparency, honesty, and open discourse, a long-term CSR initiative will improve your reputation and sales while also helping the community.

Tips to Get Started

Big names like Samsung are giving back with ReBLOOM. With services around Canada and the US, setting up your first CSR initiative with us is now easier than ever.

At the ReBLOOM Make One. Give One. workshop, your employees can bond while learning how to build beautiful floral arrangements. Each person will make two - one to take home, and one to donate to a local organization. You can choose from over 1,500 non-profit organizations and even ride along with ReBLOOM for the delivery.

Even better? ReBLOOM will return to pick up the enjoyed flowers for eco-friendly composting!

If a workshop isn’t in the cards, ReBLOOM can also help you repurpose flowers from corporate events. If you decide to donate, you can rest assured that the floral arrangements will continue to bring happiness to your community long after your event has ended.

Taking the leap to start a CSR initiative can be scary, but the investment is worth it. Call ReBLOOM to plan your first event today!

Kalynn Crump