The best outdoor wedding venues in Alberta.

An outdoor wedding has a romantic appeal in itself as the natural elements add a different flavor to the event. For most couples, the reception ceremony is the highlight of the day...

dinosaur park.png

1. Dinosaur Park

1. Dinosaur Park, among the hoodoos – in Drumheller, Alberta. The sandstone cliffs or the hoodoo spires make this place especially interesting. This Park attracts thousands of visitors all-round the year for activities like camping and rock climbing. The towering redwoods along with the ancient sandstone hoodoos makes it quite an exotic location. This can be an ideal venue for your outdoor wedding plans.

2. Quarry Lake 

Quarry Lake at Canmore, Alberta can easily mesmerize you with her stunning beauty. This place is packed in the summer with campers all over the place. A dog park nearby is a place often visited. The area is surrounded in all direction by mountains. A nice walking path goes around the circumference. The place is usually calm and peaceful, with birds twittering all day long. There are lots of pretty tables scattered by the side which can be used effectively for your party. The wide open space is great for kids to run around. Overall, a very relaxed atmosphere for you to exchange your wedding rings!

3. Ravens Ridge

3. Raven Ridge – This is an excellent venue surrounded by lush boreal forest. It is an elegant 144 acre private forest where you can hold your week-end wedding. Woodland Wildflower weddings are quite popular choice for outdoor ceremonies. This is a family owned venture and operates in this heavenly location. The beauty of Raven Ridge is simply breath-taking. The atmosphere is fresh, with beautiful greenery, making the place naturally romantic. The weddings are generally held between May and early September. There are no other distractions as these planners focuses only on weddings.

4. Prairie Gardens

Prairie Gardens is an award –winning 35 acres family run farm with loads of activities. It is an ideal place to hold a country wedding. Ceremony and reception is held outdoor, at the farm. The organizers have plenty of activities out there in the corn maze, petting zoo and gem mine for your friends and family to stay busy between wedding and reception. Every small detail is carefully looked into to give you a rustic and earthly feeling. This place gives you an old world feeling. Food is prepared from fresh produce right there in the farm and there is also a band of musician out there to entertain you with some good country music. Overall, it is a laid back and nostalgic atmosphere for your wedding.

5. River Cross Ranch

Finally, the River Cross ranch, just 15 minutes west of Calgary, offers accommodations for small weddings. The rustic style of this cozy place matches the mountain backdrop and can be an ideal place for your country wedding.

These are just but some of the Outdoor Wedding locations popular in Alberta. But with Alberta abundant with natural beauty and exotic locations, you can easily innovate something for your Outdoor Wedding. Or else, you can choose from the venues discussed here.

Kara McMaster