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This dream wedding in Calgary, AB was a stunner! This event was organized by the award winning wedding planner, Lynn Fletcher. The couple sparred no expense on their flowers.

If you have been wondering what it would be like to have ReBLOOM complete your event, scroll through as we walk you through what a typical pickup would look like.


11:01 pm - ReBLOOM team arrives

Know that when you hire ReBLOOM you are getting a professional service who knows how to get in and out of your event quickly. We work with the top event planners in the province. We had a tiny window to pick up at this event, only twenty minutes!

11:15 pm - Removed florals from vases

This couple had rented vases from their florist to display their beautiful centrepieces (good for them, right? Already this couple made their event green!) We made arrangements to deliver the vases back to the florist the next day.



9am - The next day

We start off fresh the next day. Our staff shows up to our studio and the magic starts!

11:00 am - New, smaller bouquets are made

We make all new arrangements to be delivered. Creating smiles everywhere we go.  



12:00 pm - Delivery!

We arrive at Agapé Hospice with new arrangements and personal bouquets for the patients.

12:30 pm - New arrangements placed

Discreetly, our team delivers the joyful little flower bundles throughout the hospice. Large centrepieces are placed in communal rooms and individual bouquets are delivered to patients. 



The following week

Next week, we will go back to the hospice and pick up the flowers. We break them down once and again and deliver to our composting facility. The cycle is now complete.

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