Our company

Dedicated to making smiles happen & reducing waste.

ReBLOOM is a cheerleader for the environment and sustainability. Our team is on a mission to ensure flowers are enjoyed for days, not hours. We currently deliver joy to over 1,500 charitable partners and non-profit organizations across Canada.

We have teams across Canada bringing smiles to everyone we possibly can while giving flowers a second life. We partner with everyone wanting to make a difference - corporate clients, global conferences, fundraisers, hotels and galas.

At The Helm Of Our Team.

“It's often the smallest idea that can have the largest impact. To give someone flowers who hasn’t left their hospital room in a month, two or three, and hand them something that’s alive that they can touch, smell, feel. You’ll feel it in your heart and that feeling, that look on their face will never leave you. It’s an imprint on your soul.”

- Kalynn Crump, Founder, ReBLOOM

 It's through Kalynn’s passions she has been able to spend the past 18 years working for and with award-winning marketing and PR agencies. It was through these campaigns that Kalynn realized the amount of floral waste that was ending up in the garbage and what a missed opportunity it was to repurpose the florals and bring joy to those who truly need it. With a fierce startup mentality, Kalynn has a vision to bring joy into charities and to lessen our environmental impact. It's this determination that allows the ReBLOOM family to make a difference across multiple environmental platforms.