Our Process

No Waste. All Joy.

ReBLOOM is Canada's first floral recycling program. It's an affordable way to have your beautiful event flowers donated to a charity of your choice and helps us fulfill our mission bring joy to those less fortunate in our local communities and to reduce waste by composting.

So our process is simple.



Enjoy your flowers.

At the conclusion of your event, when you have finished enjoying your beautiful floral arrangements, our team will arrive to collect them. We'll ensure that nothing gets thrown out and the vases are returned to the florist.  



Donate your flowers.

Once your flowers are collected and our dedicated team works their magic in our studio to create beautiful, smaller arrangements that are then delivered to the best-suited non-profit/charitable organization that speaks to your heart.  



Recollection of your flowers for composting.

 After your flowers have spread joy, they’re recollected and brought to a compost facility to complete the organic lifecycle. Composting your flowers creates supercharged soil that is delivered to your local community gardens, farmers and landscapers.