How much does using ReBLOOM cost?

Since we are a for-profit company, we charge a small amount to pay our exceptional staff that answer your calls and emails and send drivers out to collect your event florals. Our  fee for events are customized  and based on the size and scale your floral plan. We can create an accurate quote for you once we know your exact floral plan. 

For corporate and venue pricing and wholesale floral pickups, please contact us as we offer a special service for you to contribute to our workshops. 

Please fill out our 'Reserve a Pick-Up' form and we'll be able to ensure we get your date in our books and an accurate quote.

Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

Hooray, yes(!)… well sort of. Only when applicable. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation when applicable, which is based on what charity you'd like to have your flowers donated to. Donations to non-profit organizations are tax deductible according to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations.


ReBLOOM sounds fantastic and I want to include it in my plans, but what are my first steps and what do I get when I decide to hire ReBLOOM? 

Fantastic! We're excited to work with you!

First step is for you to fill out the 'Register a Pick-Up' from we'll be in touch with you, your event planner or florist. Everything is custom to suit your budget and the needs of the selected charity. But here's a handy breakdown of what we provide in every collection-to-composting cycle below:

  • Collection of all floral arrangements at an agreed upon date, time and location
  • Repurposing and creating smaller arrangements (refreshing flowers as needed prior to delivery)
  • Providing glass containers needed for smaller arrangements
  • Delivery of floral arrangements to determined location
  • Letter and/or donation tax receipt, when applicable
  • Recollection of the floral arrangements once they’ve been enjoyed
  • Composting of the floral arrangements

What about additional charges? 

Nope. We all hate them and dislike any hidden fees. We’re up front about all of the charges when you book our services. Our pricing is custom, just like your floral plan.


Do you do gift cards? 

We absolutely issue gift cards and credits.

And this service can even be added to any wedding registry in Canada. What better way to celebrate a couple’s first step as newlyweds than helping to make it a charitable one? Gift cards aren’t simply for weddings; they can also be used for any celebration where our collection-to-composting service cycle can be used. Simply contact us and we can work with you to customize your generous gift.


I’m renting vases, is that okay? 

First off, good for you for recycling! We find that most vases are rented. We can either collect the flowers without the rented vases, or arrange for delivery to your florist later. We can coordinate this and all other timing/collection details with your florist and venue contacts to make sure it's easy and efficient for everyone involved.


In which cities do you offer your services?  

ReBLOOM is a proud Canadian company and the first in Canada. Our floral recycling program and workshops are currently available in Calgary, Banff, and the Bow Valley region.

Who uses your services?

ReBLOOM’s services can be used by almost everyone! We work with wedding designers and planners, event planners, marketing and PR agencies, launch events, hotels, restaurants, event venues, funeral homes, florists and wholesale florists. With the help and generosity of partners like you, ReBLOOM can fulfill its mission to reduce waste and bring joy to those less fortunate in our local communities.  

How far in advance do I need to reserve my date? 

If you’re celebrating a private event (wedding, baby shower, celebration, PR launch event) we require a minimum of two - three week’s notice. If you’re one of our Partners (hotel, restaurants, event venues, funeral homes, florists and wholesale florists) we require a week’s notice. This allows us to secure your date and ensure that your charity is available and accepting flowers. We find that the earlier you book your date with us, the more time it gives us to coordinate with your florist and venue (if necessary) and charity.

What if my event is cancelled, postponed or I need to change the pick up date and time? 

Things happen and we understand. We try to be as flexible and understanding as possible. In the case of a postponement, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can make new arrangements. The following only applies to those outside of Calgary -- if your event is cancelled a month or more to the scheduled date, you will receive a 90% refund. If your event is cancelled with less than three weeks notice to the scheduled date, you will receive a 70% refund. If your event is cancelled with less than two weeks notice to the scheduled date, you will receive a 50% refund. Anything less than two weeks notice to the scheduled date will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Where do you deliver the donated flowers? 

Our mantra is “No Waste. All Joy.” So we aim to bring joy to the residence of the non-profit organizations with in your community who will appreciate an emotional boost from a delivery of fresh flowers. Destinations range from hospice care facilities and nursing homes to shelters and cancer treatment centres.

While our objective is to be as efficient as possible, if you have a special destination request we are more than happy to oblige if possible. Within each organization, internal organizers will determine where the flowers will be most appreciated. Sometimes community rooms and cafeterias get decorated for all to enjoy; sometimes patients without a family network receive individual bouquets. We trust our partner organizations to make these decisions and maximize the opportunity to spread joy to those who will benefit most.

Are you a non-profit organization? 

No, this is a nationally incorporated for-profit social enterprise. In addition to the environmental impact and positive social benefits we strive to achieve, we try to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being.


Have more questions?

Ask away! Contact us and let us know how we can help.