What are ReBLOOM team builders and workshops?

It's simple. Flowers make people happy. Touching them, working with them and more importantly giving them to people who truly feel forgotten. We work with corporations over a lunch hour to provide their teams with an opportunity to get together, learn about the importance of composting flowers, create arrangements at their own stations that are then donated to a charity of their choice. They can also come with the ReBLOOM team on the delivery to the charity.  


What are the charges? 

Our pricing for ReBLOOM team builders and workshops is customized based the number of people participating and on the charity you pick. That determines how many bedside table arrangements are needed. Once you've selected your charity we'll work with you to ensure you have enough arrangements to ensure everyone gets a little bouquet of happiness. 


In which cities do you offer your services?  

ReBLOOM is a proud Canadian company and the first in Canada. Our floral recycling program, team builders and workshops are currently available across Canada.

Who uses your services?

ReBLOOM’s services can be used by everyone! We work with event planners, marketing and PR agencies, launch events, hotels, restaurants, event venues, funeral homes, florists and wholesale florists. With the help and generosity of partners like you, ReBLOOM can fulfill its mission to reduce waste and bring joy to those less fortunate in our local communities.  

Where do you deliver the donated flowers? 

Our mantra is “All Joy. No Waste.” So we aim to bring joy to the residence of the non-profit organizations with in your community who will appreciate an emotional boost from a delivery of fresh flowers. Destinations range from hospice care facilities and nursing homes to shelters and cancer treatment centres.


Have more questions?

Ask away! Contact us and let us know how we can help.