Workshops & Team Builders.

We offer workshops and team builders that benefit not only your team but more importantly nursing homes, shelters and hospitals that to the support of our corporate ReBLOOM partners. Our workshops and team builders are something incredible that can be done over a lunch hour. We provide all of the tools needed along with all of the florals. We take you through a session on how to put an arrangement together, some tips and tricks and then work with your team on making individual bedside table arrangements that will be donated to a charity of your choice on your behalf. We'll also provide photos for you to use for your newsletters and social media so peeps know about your do-gooding. 


Corporate Partners.

We're always looking for partners to collaborate with, we're proud to currently work with over 2,000 partners across Canada. If you're a business, a florist, a venue or a hotel and want to make a change in your community and be recognized as a business that gives back, reach out to us. We want to create as many community relationships as possible and stop filling landfills with valuable compost.



We work with over 1,500 charities across Canada. But there are 170,000 registered charities in Canada, which means our work isn't done yet. If you are a charity and would like to give the people within your organization an emotional boost by having a flower delivery, please contact us and let's discuss how we can share with those within our community the joy that fresh flowers bring.